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We focus on Sector Investing Strategies using an algorithmic trading model analyzing MACD, Money Flow,

Momentum and Relative Volume indicators to select Stocks and ETFs. The portfolio can go long or short

depending on market conditions.  A small select group of 2x Index ETFs are also key parts of our portfolio mix. 

This is a momentum strategy that seeks out the top performing stocks and sectors

and has been proven to beat  the SP500 performance, even in extremely challenging times.

Follow our 3 different portfolios: the Top 3 Sector Portfolio, up 39% in 2023 v.s. SP500's +13.

We also feature the Aggressive Growth Portfolio a hybrid mix of stocks/ETFs  which has

gained +41% in 2023,


And our newest portfoiio - Top 3 Plus Stock/Sector Portfolio  up 52%,which is a 

momentum-based strategy that weights up best performing stocks and sector ETFs, for

high risk/high reward investors. Our best stocks YTD:  Nvidia +218%, TSLA +82%, Meta +83%.

Join our Gold Members and get real time alerts on every trade we place, intraday stock alerts for hot new

breakouts, and a Sunday Night Strategy report that sets our investing plan for the upcoming week,

what stocks and Sectors we are buying now,  current Buy/Sell stops, our "Stock Of the Week" as

well as an in-depth analysis of the market direction and the challenges it's facing.   7 Day Free-Trial


Highest Total Return through Stocks and  Sector ETFs in industries that disrupt, innovate and

improve the way the world works. 



We publish our market report every day, usually between 11:00 am and Noon, as it allows time for the market to find

its trend for the day.  On highly volatile sessions, we will post a closing report around 5:30 pm Eastern.


Always check our "Hot Charts Of The Day" for stocks and ETFs currently in the news and getting high money flows.

Another area to review is the "Buy/Sell Stops" section of the Top 3 Sector Portfolio for the latest information.


Subscribers get a daily morning email report on hot stocks and breaking news on the market.

We will send an intraday email alert if we buy a new stock or ETF.

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